Home Buyer Tips

Home Buyer Tips


The following is a short list of home-buyer tips to help you find the home that fits your needs:

Valuable Home Buyer Tips

  • Always take a pad and pen when looking to purchase a home. Write down items such as ceiling fans, chandeliers, washers, dryers, etc. If these items are not specifically listed in your contract as part of the sale, they may mot be part of the sale.
  • Visit your prospective home on different days, and at different hours of the day. This will give you a general overall view of the neighborhood and traffic for your new home.
  • Conduct your own personal permit and open violation check on your home through the local building department. Non-permitted additions or changes to the home could cost you money in the future, as any permitting issue stays with the home and not the previous owner. Open violations, if not caught, become the responsibility of the owner of record. Permits are especially important for windstorm insurance rate reductions. All information provided on a wind mitigation form (1802) must have documentation, and permits are one of the best forms of documentation.
  • Know how long you have to complete your inspection process. Every contract will be different. Remember, if you do not complete you inspection within the time stated in your contract, you lose the right to use the inspection, and are purchasing the home in an ‘as is’ condition. Your report will be for your own information purposes only and you will not be able to use it to re-negotiate or cancel the deal.
  • Always have repairs done by a licensed contractor and obtain receipts and warranties (if applicable) for all work performed. It is also a good idea to request receipts for all work completed on the home within the past six months to a year. In Florida, it is a law that when someone is selling a home, all repairs must be done by a licensed contractor.
  • Choosing a home inspector is an important decision. You should qualify you inspector. Ask your real estate agent, attorney, and friends for referrals. According to Florida State law, all home inspectors have to be licensed and carry liability insurance. They also have to forward you a copy of their inspection agreement / contract, a copy of their license, and the standards they are inspecting to prior to closing.
  • Be present for you home inspection. This way you can ask questions, and see first hand any deficiencies that may me present. It is always better to see a problem first hand, rather than read about it in a report. The report will reinforce what you have seen, so you will be able to make a better decision.

Posted by Bill Siegel Florida Home Inspection Team Inc.T