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New Construction

new constructionShould new construction be inspected? This question comes up a lot. Many clients call for an inspection after the property is finished and we do what his called a walk thought inspection. In my most current case it would have been wise to have phase inspections completed. In this case there has been a change of contractor. I was called in to inspect only the electrical to look for code violations. The new electrical contractor did not want to take over the work from the old contractor – he wanted to rip it out and start over. And I can’t really say that I blame him. Most of the work was done in an un-workman- like manner – it was very sloppy, and there definitely a few code     violations.

new constrution

The first and biggest violation was the placement of the interior panel box. The picture at the right shows where he ran the wires. They were at the back-end of the slab. That slab was installed for the washer and dryer, which will not longer fit on the slab due to the placement of the box. Even if the box would fit there, it is a violation of work space and access per the National Electric Code. The code calls for 36 inches of unobstructed work space in front of all panel boxes. In order to work blueprintson the box in the future, the electrician would have to climb on the dryer to have direct access. As you can see from the blueprints, the box was supposed to be placed about 30 inches in front of the slab, which was actually opposite the meter on the exterior wall.



new constructionThe next code issue was the service lateral. The original electrical contractor had installed Schedule 40 PVC pipe. This pipe is not allowed in this location. Both the NEC and  FPL call for either galvanized pipe or Schedule 80 PVC pipe to be installed. Schedule 40 pipe should never be used in a location that could be subject to physical damage. Schedule 80 and galvanized pipe are much stronger and can withstand more punishment without damaging the pipe.

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New Construction Defects

This was a new home inspected earlier this month. All permits had been signed off on by the city.  I am sure there were other defects that were hidden, but here is a list of defects found. It’s a good thing this house did not need to have a wind mitigation report done, as it would have failed questions #1.

The front overhang was no installed properly. it was leaning to the right. It either was not tied in properly or there should have been a support post installed.



The main water shut off valve did not function. Water flowed in both the on and off position.


The dining room outlets were tied into the kitchen outlet, which was supposed to be GFCi protected, but was not. The plans for this were sitting on the counter. The dining room outlets were supposed to be AFCI protected.



The AC condensate line was supposed to be terminated 12 inches from the wall. It was less than six inches.



There were missing framing screws in some of the windows.


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