The following is a collection of articles pertaining to the home inspection industry. These articles are pertinent to the inspection industry, As time goes on I will try to update this page to keep up with the ever changing codes in the industry.

Electrical articlesELECTRICAL

Installing and testing a GFCI receptacle

Federal pacific Panel boxes
Aluminum Wiring
History of Residential Wiring
Federal pacific Panel boxes
Zinsco breaker problems 
ITE panels 1986-1987 problems
plumbing articlesPLUMBING
The presence of polybutylene pipe can severely affect a home
Plumbing Trap Basics
wobbly toilet
Repairing flush mechanisms
Watts relief line installation
Maintaining Your Septic Tank
pool inspection articlesPOOLS
Pools safety guidelines
safety articlesSAFETY



Bedroom egress rules

chinese drywall articlesCHINESE DRYWALL


Chinese Drywall Remediation091511.pdf

Report Writing

10 steps to avoiding a law suit from First Indemnity insruance groutp